about words

For the electric dreams

I wanted to use this blog as an exercise in minimalism through closure. A productive Ctrl+Alt+Dlt of those things that still occupy precious storage in my system. Because as weird as it is to compare myself with a computer, I honestly feel like I have a few tasks permanently hanging about in the back of my head, refusing to either finish or stop.

At times it’s quite easy to ignore them, they become apparent just as symptoms of a mild cold. A low humming in the back of my head, a sudden quickening of the pulse, a change in pressure, but at the end all just things, thoughts and ideas that I once started but never concluded.

They settled for a place that is neither oblivion nor a source for inspiration. My attention is often caught trying to either count them, find their meaning, or discount them. Time spent stuck in shadowland trying to figure out what stays, and what goes and choosing neither.

And now, when I catch myself in those places, I devote myself to linger. To not let gravity pull me back so easily. To force myself to float, for another minute, making sure that I settle things within myself. That I truly stop those things I don’t have the bandwidth for anymore, so that I don’t forget those for which I’m saving it for.

This is a place that doesn’t really have to make sense to anyone, not even to me.